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Sharing Good Times…

May 31, 2011



My friend and running buddy, Cary, sent these photos. She kept Harper for me yesterday morning so I could get a little done towards being ready to leave for two months in less than one week!
Her Saint Bernards are so sweet and Harper adores them. Then there is her husband, Woody, who Harper loves too. He is always teaching her. He is a Science teacher with Brian and he takes Harper on nature walks. I’m pretty sure she can identify more trees than me by now…

Well, our Bozeman chronicles are about to begin! I am looking so forward to living in a city and exploring all it has to offer. I am a little nervous about our tiny and questionable, not to mention, unstocked apartment kitchen and limited budget as I attempt to continue food blogging with my summer series, “Bozeman or Bust” on (Please check it out), but I am ready to go!

We will make a brief stop in Chicago to see Mel and family, then the black hills of South Dakota before reaching Bozeman next Friday. At that point, for Brian, it will be school-school-school, while Harper and I check out things like the Bozeman public Library (which has a baby and mama yoga class for us, plus story time) and find some swimming lessons. I’m also totally pumped because my friend, Helen, knows the owner of the knit shop out there, so I already have a connection…and it’s at the knit shop! Yay!

I hope you all had a lovely memorial day to kick off a fun-filled summer!


Just Warming Up

May 10, 2011

I guess it’s the weather- the fact that there are leaves on the trees and a warm breeze which smells like fresh cut grass-but I’m feeling motivated.

I’m finally motivated to run again after a much-too-long semi-haitus after December’s half-marathon…

This is the Ramble Run 12K at Biltmore Park, which I ran on May 6th. All of my family was there, I didn’t die (literally, I mean) on any of the hills, and it was followed by brunch at the Corner Kitchen…what bliss.

I am finally motivated to knit again, and am working on a gift for a dear friend’s baby girl, due at the end of May. Can’t say much more, but if I’m still in “motivated mode,” maybe I’ll at least get a finished picture- unlike the last few gifts…

AND, friends, I am motivated to cook! Oh yes, just check out what me and my friend, Elisa, have been working on:

…drumroll please…

So, as I try and wrap my head around the fact that we are leaving for two-and-a-half months in like…25 days, I hope my motivation will continue into cleaning out closets, packing, and figuring out the details that come with spending a summer in Bozeman on the campus of MSU. I’m excited about signing up for the Missoula half-marathon on July 10th. I’m excited about meeting some new people and trying out camping as a family in Yellowstone. I’m excited about cooking and blogging… Yes, I’m excited.

Here’s a little chica who would like to request that our summer housing arrangements come equipped with a tub full of ice to play in!

Is the season warming inspiring you to do stuff Winter just…didn’t? Do share!


April 21, 2011

April brought the most deserved break ever for Brian. Well, generally, it’s the most deserved break for anyone. Spring Break is so needed! That is why we decided to blow our exciting new tax return on a getaway to the Isle of Palms! We took our French student, Marine, to Isle of Palms last summer. For that trip, we stayed between the island and Charleston, in a hotel on Mount Pleasant. It was such a nice beach, it was our top choice for our Spring Break trip. We invited Nana and Toppy along, and what fun that was! They were in charge of all the fabulous cooking, babysat Harper for both a night out in Charleston and a whole day of sea kayaking! Aren’t we smart? It was four days. Wish it could have been many more, but it was relaxing and fun, nonetheless.

Now that we got our little beach itch taken care of, we’re looking ahead to our next adventure- our first of at least two summers in Bozeman, Montana! Yep. Brian got accepted into a graduate program for Science teachers and he starts in June! We are so excited for this experience. People tell us Bozeman is awesome and we’re gonna love it. I’m sure they are right. I’m picturing perfect weather, day trips to Yellowstone, and finding fun thrift stores. We’ll see what’s in store.


Isle of Palms, April 2011, a set on Flickr.


April 21, 2011

On the 4th of March, Harper turned into a 1-year-old. It was the day after her Daddy turned 31! In all the preparation for the toddler’s big party, poor ol’ dad thought he was sharing it with her, but we got him with a surprise party the same weekend! Of course, I don’t have any photos from that party, so I guess he was a little right in knowing it would really be all about the baby girl from now on…but there was food from his favorite Mexican restaurant, and therefore, he is fine.
Smitten Kitchen’s Banana Monkey Cake had been my party inspiration for months, hence the girlied monkey theme. There was a normal sized cake and a five inch smash cake for the tot of honor. I made a dozen homemade pizzas and my mom brought a gorgeous strawberry spinach salad. Harper napped right up until the first guests arrived, jumped in her party ensemble, and threw down. She was a fun birthday girl; ate more chocolate fudge frosting than I ever thought she would, was completely uninterested in opening her presents, and made a great party game of digging in the ice in the drink bin. Best 1st birthday party I’ve ever thrown, hands down.

Check out some of the pics…

The Big Monkey CakeLittle Monkey Banana Smash CakeThe Little Birthday Girl- finally awake from her nap to join the party!IMG_8226She returned, deciding it would be fun after all.Mama and her Birthday Girl

HARPER TURNS 1! March4, 2011, a set on Flickr.


April 21, 2011

Back in February, we went to Zoo Atlanta and had a picnic in Grant Park. Want to relive it with me in photos?

Okay. Good.


ZOO TRIP Feb 2011, a set on Flickr.

I believe it was just about this time that Harper took her first steps. Eleven and a half months. Moving onward….next up, March!

Spring Swingin’

March 18, 2011




Happy Friday, everyone!

364 or 365 Days Old?

March 3, 2011




This little water-play station was inspired by Harper’s love for playing in Dexter’s water bowls.

This is just what we’re up to on day 364 – or is it 365? Technically, (and I mean that in the way that illustrates that I’m too lazy to actually count up the days) it should be 365 if her birthday is tomorrow, but since she was born at 10:28pm, I’m considering her to be 364 days today. Feel free to dispute this. Anyway, I am hoping all this play makes naptime last extra long today, because I have plenty to do to prepare for day 365!! (or “tomorrow, her birthday, if you prefer”)

**A challenge:  Harper’s dad is 31 TODAY! So, Happy Birthday to the man who got up at 4:45am to take a dozen kids to who-knows-where for an Envirothon competition and bravo to the wife who drug herself out of bed at the same preposterous hour to make sure he had chocolate chip birthday pancakes before he left. Now, who can tell me how many days old he is? …I may or may not know if you’re right  because I may or may not want to figure it out myself, just to be clear.**