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In Eight Years

August 17, 2010

Eight years have passed since this happened:Happy Anniversary to my hubby, my best friend, and my baby-daddy! In many ways it seems like eight years flew by, but then again, in a way, I’m like, “just eight?” It’s weird how that works. Regardless of how it feels, it is eight to the very day. And in those eight years a lot has happened.  In eight years, we have found a home. In eight years, we have started a family. We have grown up and figured ourselves out. In eight years, I have in no way accomplished all the things I probably would have said I wanted to eight years ago. I’ve let myself down some, though I would say I am right where I want to be…

We had an awesome weekend. We caught up with dear old sweet friends for our anniversary. There’s nothing better than that. Did I remember the camera? yes. Did I remember to use the camera? no. grrrr.

Remember when I told you I had used the white yarn from my blanket to make a baby blanket? Well, I wasn’t entirely honest. I didn’t finish it. The goal was to finish around, I don’t know, March 4th or so. Here it is in all its unfinished glory…



I will finish it one day. Maybe it’s that I do manage on the things that really matter…

Moving on to another project, which I definitely need, what can I do with this beautiful alpaca wool? It’s a mocha brown and I only have one skein. I’d like to cable something for practice…any ideas?


Happy August 17th, everyone, especially my hubby.

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  1. August 24, 2010 7:08 pm

    Yay! Glad I could be there for that special day! Happy anniversary (a little late) my favorite memory is you two running around looking for your car as we through stuff into your hair:)

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