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Lunar New to Me

January 27, 2011

A hat, a scarf, and a new project.

IMG_7992 IMG_7996


I’m trying to get back into knitting. Actually, I’m trying to get back into everything. I don’t know what it is- perhaps the mere fact that I failed to actually make any New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the month- but I am sluggish, people. After the half-marathon in December, I have only run several times, with no regular routine resumed or new one established at all…and since my proclamation to myself, around Christmas time, that I would knit my family our own stockings and knit everyone a gift for next year, I haven’t even finished some of the stuff I started for last Christmas. Not to mention this poor ol’ blog that sits here waiting for me each week. Ya…I really gotta pull it together. I’m getting there. I’m actually becoming of the mindset that I am simply attuned to the Lunar New Year, and I’m pretty sure that’s the case. So, as the (Lunar) New Year approaches, I’m finally putting away the holiday chocolate gearing up for a bright, productive 2011!

First off, the little hat for the little sweetie pie

IMG_7990 IMG_7991
I enjoyed knitting this because it required calling everyone in my knitting group to ask a different question. It turns out this pattern, by Be Sweet gave me some trouble in its wording. But that was the thing, I figured it out with help over the phone. That is typically not my style… I’m a visual learner.  I also learned how to do a bobble from my new best friend,’s video on the subject (see, I told you I was visual). So, there. It was a kit project- all laid out right there for me and probably pretty simple for everyone who knows how to knit- but still one of my proudest knitted garments (the other might be my reverseable cable knit scarf- one for later).

The new project- don’t laugh- is to do it again. So, the purple and blue yarn is for the same hat for a new baby girl in our community, Mary Elliott, due to arrive in late March. I got this.

The scarf- don’t laugh– was supposed to be for my mom for Christmas. It is the easiest pattern and I should have finished it eons ago, but I guess it’s boring me? I like the yarn and I like the scarf pattern, but I’m not so sure the yarn works for that type of scarf. My friend, Helen, did one in a fuzzy alpaca brown that turned out really well, although she knitted it length-wise, which I think would really drive me crazy. I’m flipping it back and forth, which is also a little insane. It’s okay. I’ll finish it. I even bought all this other yarn to do more like it. It’s one of my favorite knit-and-talk projects.

And last but not least, a new hairstyle…

That hair on top is just getting so long, I don’t know what else to do with it! That little Pebbles is about to walk, y’all. It is really getting close. Today she moved from walking holding onto one finger to walking while I hold the very corners of her little shirt! Every time I’d let go, though, she’d sit down.

We’ll keep you posted…on the tot toddling and the success of my Lunar New Years haphazard resolving.

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  1. beckyswann permalink
    January 27, 2011 3:31 pm

    All you have to do when you feel like you haven’t accomplished much is look at that sweet sweet bundle of joy you have! She is ADORABLE and healthy and happy! Way to go MOM! You rock! So don’t worry about knitting yourself together, you are doing great! Miss you so much!!!!

  2. January 28, 2011 6:21 am

    She is so cute!! I just put Hollings hair like that. I think it is precious. That hat is really pretty. Can’t wait to see the scarf.

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