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April 21, 2011

April brought the most deserved break ever for Brian. Well, generally, it’s the most deserved break for anyone. Spring Break is so needed! That is why we decided to blow our exciting new tax return on a getaway to the Isle of Palms! We took our French student, Marine, to Isle of Palms last summer. For that trip, we stayed between the island and Charleston, in a hotel on Mount Pleasant. It was such a nice beach, it was our top choice for our Spring Break trip. We invited Nana and Toppy along, and what fun that was! They were in charge of all the fabulous cooking, babysat Harper for both a night out in Charleston and a whole day of sea kayaking! Aren’t we smart? It was four days. Wish it could have been many more, but it was relaxing and fun, nonetheless.

Now that we got our little beach itch taken care of, we’re looking ahead to our next adventure- our first of at least two summers in Bozeman, Montana! Yep. Brian got accepted into a graduate program for Science teachers and he starts in June! We are so excited for this experience. People tell us Bozeman is awesome and we’re gonna love it. I’m sure they are right. I’m picturing perfect weather, day trips to Yellowstone, and finding fun thrift stores. We’ll see what’s in store.


Isle of Palms, April 2011, a set on Flickr.

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