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Just Warming Up

May 10, 2011

I guess it’s the weather- the fact that there are leaves on the trees and a warm breeze which smells like fresh cut grass-but I’m feeling motivated.

I’m finally motivated to run again after a much-too-long semi-haitus after December’s half-marathon…

This is the Ramble Run 12K at Biltmore Park, which I ran on May 6th. All of my family was there, I didn’t die (literally, I mean) on any of the hills, and it was followed by brunch at the Corner Kitchen…what bliss.

I am finally motivated to knit again, and am working on a gift for a dear friend’s baby girl, due at the end of May. Can’t say much more, but if I’m still in “motivated mode,” maybe I’ll at least get a finished picture- unlike the last few gifts…

AND, friends, I am motivated to cook! Oh yes, just check out what me and my friend, Elisa, have been working on:

…drumroll please…

So, as I try and wrap my head around the fact that we are leaving for two-and-a-half months in like…25 days, I hope my motivation will continue into cleaning out closets, packing, and figuring out the details that come with spending a summer in Bozeman on the campus of MSU. I’m excited about signing up for the Missoula half-marathon on July 10th. I’m excited about meeting some new people and trying out camping as a family in Yellowstone. I’m excited about cooking and blogging… Yes, I’m excited.

Here’s a little chica who would like to request that our summer housing arrangements come equipped with a tub full of ice to play in!

Is the season warming inspiring you to do stuff Winter just…didn’t? Do share!

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