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Sharing Good Times…

May 31, 2011



My friend and running buddy, Cary, sent these photos. She kept Harper for me yesterday morning so I could get a little done towards being ready to leave for two months in less than one week!
Her Saint Bernards are so sweet and Harper adores them. Then there is her husband, Woody, who Harper loves too. He is always teaching her. He is a Science teacher with Brian and he takes Harper on nature walks. I’m pretty sure she can identify more trees than me by now…

Well, our Bozeman chronicles are about to begin! I am looking so forward to living in a city and exploring all it has to offer. I am a little nervous about our tiny and questionable, not to mention, unstocked apartment kitchen and limited budget as I attempt to continue food blogging with my summer series, “Bozeman or Bust” on (Please check it out), but I am ready to go!

We will make a brief stop in Chicago to see Mel and family, then the black hills of South Dakota before reaching Bozeman next Friday. At that point, for Brian, it will be school-school-school, while Harper and I check out things like the Bozeman public Library (which has a baby and mama yoga class for us, plus story time) and find some swimming lessons. I’m also totally pumped because my friend, Helen, knows the owner of the knit shop out there, so I already have a connection…and it’s at the knit shop! Yay!

I hope you all had a lovely memorial day to kick off a fun-filled summer!

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  1. June 2, 2011 8:01 am

    Love the food blog! I might have to try out the English muffins! I can’t get over how cute Harper is! Worth would be so jealous of your montana adventure. Maybe we should do something like that one day!

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